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Rainbow “Sherbert”


When I was a little girl my Grandmother would take us to Thrifty Drugs to get ice cream.

She would let us get a double scoop and I almost always chose Chocolate Brownie and Rainbow Sherbet. Rainbow Sherbet still reminds me of my Grandma and summer and the sweet days of childhood. I lost my Grandma on a summer day 10 years ago. The first day of summer, to be exact. It was too soon. She was not quite 80 and she was one of the most important people in my life. She wasn’t just my grandma, she was also one of my dearest friends and biggest advocates. She always gave me the freedom to be myself and encouraged me to explore my imagination.

One summer day when I was about 10 we were supposed to leave on a camping trip with my parents, but for reasons beyond our control the trip had to be postponed a day. Being a kid I remember being really disappointed. All the excitement and build-up of leaving on a trip was dashed when we found out we’d have to wait another day and sleep another night in our boring old beds under our same old roof. So my Grandma came to the rescue. She took my sisters and me to Thrifty’s to get an ice cream cone. Only this time she did something she’d never done before. She told us we could get a triple scoop. We’d never gotten a triple before! And I’m not sure that I have since. But that simple gesture made our day. It erased all the sadness attached to having to postpone our trip. I’m sure she didn’t give it a second thought, but my sisters and I have revisited that memory many times. Sometimes life calls for 3 scoops and usually it’s your Grandma who will recognize when it does!

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