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For all intents and purposes it’s Day 3


So technically this is only my second post in the challenge but I don’t want to have to think that hard so I’m just calling it day 3, to coincide with the day of the month, cuz you know, mothers need one less thing to think about! Right now it’s hotter than blazes so running errands this morning/afternoon fried my brain and parts of my body. I am hot and tired and dehydrated and cursing my ancestors for settling in a desert valley.  But thank all that is holy for air conditioning. The one in my  van is broken and it’s too expensive to fix, and given the age of the car (13 years) not really worth the investment. So suffer I must, for one more summer (knock wood) I thought last summer would be the last summer but life has a way of laughing at your plans.

I’ll admit, I like my luxuries, because even when we lived in a cooler area, there was no a/c in most of the apartments up there and man, when the heat waves hit, it was tor-TURE! So even if I move someday to a place where it’s 65 degrees 95% of the time? I’m gonna need the option of a/c for that other 5%. I’m not good at suffering. I’ve learned this about myself. In some ways I’m tough. I have a fairly high pain threshold. But extreme labor pains and herniated discs? Yeah, those exceed my threshold. I can’t recommend either of those experiences. Although at least two out of three produced a cute baby. All I got from the 3rd thing was a scar…come to think of it, I got a scar from the first two also. Okay, C-sections and back surgery, neither are high on my list of most enjoyable experiences, but hey, thank goodness for modern medicine. And a/c.

We spent two summers in a house built in the ’20’s with an evaporative cooler and two holes in the ceiling. No vents.  Holes.  One in the hall, the other in the living room. It was brutal. Once it gets over 95 degrees, a cooler does nothing. We spent many an afternoon hanging out at Barnes & Noble or a local coffee house. God bless America and businesses that run their a/c. Where I come from, it’s cruel and unusual not to. In fact, there may be laws in place. A few years ago when the economy took a dump though, I noticed a lot of businesses running them less, or at less-than-freezing, which was a bit disappointing. Needless to say I am spoiled. I have become accustomed to electricity and running water and cold air being pumped through my house. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse, I am soooo outta here!  Seriously, just shoot me in the head so I don’t come back and try to eat you. But otherwise, over and out. In my mind suffering is a four-letter word. Hopefully I haven’t just thrown down the equivalent of a karmic gauntlet.

Just in case, let me clarify. I have done more than my fair share of suffering. Yes indeedy. I am merely pointing out that I don’t enjoy it and that in most cases, I am pretty soft. In cases of comfort and convenience that is. But I camp. I mean, I’ve peed in the woods. I’m not a total slouch. I don’t mind getting dirty or digging in my garden. I even bust out the lawn-mower on occasion. Lest you think I am good-for-nothing. Please just don’t take away my modern conveniences for more than a few days. Preferably not at all. And I shall do my best to extend the same courtesy to you.

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